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European Open Innovation Ecosystem for Startups

Smart Agrifood Summit propose a complete program of conferences, keynote speakers and thematic roundtables that take place in the FORUM.


  • Major conferences by main actors of the new digital economy
  • Round tables with keynote panelists and main experts from the working areas
  • Elevator Pitch with entrepreneurs and investors
  • Speaker Corner for entrepreneurs and researchers (for Startups and Spin-offs)
  • SmartAgriFood Summit 2018 Awards
  • BootCamp / Hackathon on challenges in the Agrifood sector
  • Exhibition of advanced technologies

Work Areas:

  1. Internet of things applied to the Agrifood chain
  2. The technology applied to the Restaurant
  3. Artificial intelligence and cognitive technology applied to the Agrifood sector
  4. Food and innovation (Technological innovation in the kitchen)
  5. The new economy (Startups)
  6. Circular Economy and Smart AgriFood