Project Description


Cefetra Digital Services, of the Baywa Group (a German Company of cooperative origin, founded in Munich, 1923) provides and distributes digital services and digital products for the rural environment.

Cefetra Digital Services puts its focus on the farmer and directs as much of its activity to the distribution of digital services as it does to the application of technology in the rural environment.

Across its platform Sembralia brings its users closer to the latest technologies and services for agriculture. The innovative solutions that Sembralia proposes have the latest advances in Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Robotics, Cloud Computing and many other exponential technologies that allow us to detect trends, reduce costs and increase agricultural production. All with the aim of helping farmers to be more efficient and sustainable. The innovative vision of Cefetra Digital Services allows us to generate, share and disseminate the best practices for a safe and effective digital transformation.