What does Smart Agrifood Summit offer investors?

  • Be part of the Smart Agrifood investors’ club from all over the world (Europe, Silicon Valley, India, China, Israel). 33% of the investments made in the world are made in Startups, R&D departments in companies are ceding ground to innovations that originate in Startups. The Smart Agrifood sector in Europe accounts for 21% of global investment. The biggest investors can be found here, Venture Capital, Investment Funds and Business Angels.
  • The Summit will bring together more than 300 startups, selected for their innovative projects by specialised mentors, linked to an expanding sector – Agrifood/AgTech. They will have information available with details for each Startup participating in the activities and their funding needs, as well as financial, market and team data.
  • Capture talent. Get in touch with an international ecosystem of startups from Europe (Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, United Kingdom, Germany, Portugal, France and Spain), the Middle East (Israel), Latin America and the United States, present at the event to analyse trends and open channels for collaboration around the agrifood sector.
  • The possibility of financing innovative projects in Agrifood/AgTech with seed capital, as well as A and B series, above €500,000 and from 1 to 3 million euros.
  • Participate in a dynamic event 100% oriented towards the generation of contacts, which includes a conference programme with Keynote Speakers and panels on current topics; an exhibition area, training sessions for investors, business angels and startups, and pitching events with a range of awards for selected startups.
  • Startup Europe Smart Agrifood Summit is an exceptional networking-oriented showcase with real possibilities to reach collaboration agreements to implement far-reaching projects.
  • Presence of managers and leaders of large companies in the Agrifood/AgTech sector. 


European Commission

Investors Forum:

INVESTORS Inside Forum

Organizer: INTEC

Data: 21st June

Time: 15:00 – 18:00h

Location: Sala Multiusos 4.

Call: Private (exclusive by invitation).


The objective is to analyze investment opportunities in the Agrifood Europe-Silicon Valley sector and create an alliance for investment in this ecosystem (Strategy of communication to promote the ecosystem).

Draft Agenda:

  1. Presentation of the members
  2. Select the best areas of agrifood for investiment , for example:
  3. Blockchain
  4. Robotization of Farms and application of ArtificiaI intelligence (AI).
  5. Markers of plants and livestock: For example Grapes, olives, wheat.
  6. Sustainable transport and distribution.
  7. Natural reproduction of fish in controlled marine environments
  8. Artificial Proteins
  9. Proposal to analize the Law and regulation of EU and USA to favor investment in the agrifood sector.
  10. Proposal to creation an alliance Silicon Valley-Europe for investment in Agrifood Ecosystem (Public Declaration) :
  11. Opportinities (point 2)
  12. Harmonization Laws and regulations to favor investment
  13. Promote different Joint Investment.
  14. A Joint System for sharing investment in AgriFood.
  15. Road Map for the future of the Forum : Next Meeting, agenda,…goals
  16. AOB

Commercial contacts: